Are you an experienced coach or trainer working with organisations, and currently moving your business online?

Or maybe you a freelance coach or trainer just starting out and going digital from the get-go?

Whichever it is you will know that high quality video resources are a MUST HAVE!

We all love compelling video content.

And we know just how difficult it is to source high quality videos that you would be proud to put in front of your audience

Well, that’s where we can help.

Our team of professional actors have created a series of fabulous videos which hit the pain points your delegates will be experiencing: change, performance management, inappropriate behaviour

We have sold our videos into large corporates, large public sector orgs and international top-of-their-game consultancies – all priced according to their staff numbers and ranging from 2.5K-7.5K

BUT for a very limited time only we are offering our set of videos to freelance coaches and trainers for an absolute steal.

For just £495 +VAT you can access our videos to use with clients and in your courses.

Of, course, you want to see what they are like before you buy.  That’s why we set up a link where you can access clips from all the videos

Access them here

AND as an extra special treat you can use this video for FREE

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to Resound Training & Development VIDEO Library for Coaches & Trainers
  • 2
    Managing Change
    • Reena and Marion VIDEO – Managing Change
    • Reena and Marion Video Facilitator Guide
    • Reena and Marion Video Delegate Worksheet
    • Sara and Alan VIDEO – Managing Change
    • Sara and Alan Video Facilitator Guide
    • Sara And Alan Video Delegate Worksheet
    • Tom and Nancy VIDEO – Managing Change
    • Tom and Nancy Video Facilitator Guide
    • Tom and Nancy Video Delegate Worksheet
  • 3
    Performance Management
    • Performance Management VIDEO - Timekeeping
    • Performance Management Video Facilitator Guide
    • Performance Management Video Delegate Worksheet
    • Performance Management VIDEO - Personal Hygiene
    • Performance Management Video Personal Hygiene Facilitator Guide
    • Performance Management Personal Hygiene Delegate Worksheet
  • 4
    Inappropriate Behaviour and Banter
    • Inappropriate Behaviour and Banter VIDEO
    • Inappropriate Behaviour & Banter Video Facilitator Guide
    • Inappropriate Behaviour & Banter Delegate Worksheet

Pricing options

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